1.Building capacity for mass media staff- First course :
A training course was opened for the staffs of media channels in Garmian area. The project funded by Amman Center for Human Right Studies (ACHRS) and the budget of the project was $3,850. It implemented in 2004.
2.Capacity building for staffs of media channel- Second course:
CDO was opening a training course about media and its role in social development process for media staffs so as to build their capacity in this field. It was for free journalists in Suli and the training was from International War and Peace Reporter (IWPR) with the fund of Amman Center for Human Right Studies (ACHRS) and the amount of $5,200. It implemented in 2005.
3.Raising capacity of Iraqi Media worker:
From 1st of Sep to 30th of Dec 2005 in coordination with International War and Peace Reporter (IWPR) 3 training course were opened for raising the capacity of journalists or media worker in Iraq. The budget was $9,500. It implemented in 2005.
4.Training g for Journalists:
In cooperation with IWPR a training course for (20) journalists were open on Feb 2006. The budget of the project was $7,200 and provided by International War and Peace Reporter (IWPR). It implemented in 2006.
5.Opening a course for staffs of (Chawder) newspaper:
CDO on its own budget had been opening a training course for the staffs of (Chawder) news paper from 5th to 8th Aug 2005. International War and Peace Reporter contributes by providing trainers and the budget was $3,200.
6.Capacity building for media channels staffs:
Press Now organization which is a NGO form Netherlands country in coordination with CDO opened a training course (Theory and practice). 45 Participants participated in the course. They represent different TV channels, Radio station and Newspapers. The budget of the project was $16,400.
7.Reading study for medias’ role during unrest situation of Kurdistan after Feb17, 2011
Sebar group and CDO conducted a one day conference on June 2, 2011 under the name “Reading study for Medias’ role after episodes of Feb17, 2011. The first session of the conference was presenting and discussing 3 researches which were “the crisis of neutralisms of Media’s foundations in Kurdistan, yellow press, professional journalists”. Second session was a debate session between the representatives of free media “Hawlati and Awina” with medias of political parties “KDP, PUK, Change, KIU, Komal, KCP”. Third session was discussion a draft of a project under name “the professional attitude of media workers”. The idea discussed and then all decided to study it more and develop it to a kind of protocol in order to be signed by all media workers.
8.Legal Protection for the Media Workers in Iraq:
CDO jointly with International Media Support (IMS) implemented a 3 month project under the name legal protection for the Media. The project promote respect for human rights and the rule of law in Iraq by contributing to the protecting the legal rights of the media workers. The main activities contain publishing 2 books. First book was under name “the legal issues of media works in Kurdistan” which is in Kurdish and focus on the articles of Kurdistan Journalist Law. Second book is in Arabic and focus on the articles of Iraqi law which are relating with medias works. 4 Sessions conducts for the journalists as occasions for introducing the books.


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