In the occasion of World Earth Day and to promoting environmental awareness, today, on April 22, Civil Development Organization-CDO and Rwanga Foundation in cooperation with Bazyan Municipality held Trees Planting Campaign.

In presence of Bazyan Mayor, representative of governorate, CDO and Rwanga staffs Trees Planting Campaign has started. The campaign last for 5 days which 1000 trees are going to be plant 600 in Bazyan and 400 in Halabja.

Implementing this campaign is to expand green area and promoting environmental awareness in the area and would help in increasing the green space in Bazyan and reminding the community about risks and consequences caused by air pollution.

According to a recent assessment %32 of the factories in Iraq are located in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, and %80 of those factories are located in Bazyan Area. World Earth Day celebrated annually since 2009 from entire world, many activities would be conducted.