Civil Development Organization –CDO has a “zero tolerance” policy towards fraud, bribery Civil Development Organization –CDO has a “zero tolerance” policy towards fraud, bribery, and corrupt practices.
All CDO employees regardless of the position, ethnicity, and race, partners and vendors have a duty to protect the assets of CDO and to comply with relevant laws of the below anti-fraud policies.
CDO’s policy on Fraud, Bribery and Corruption is guided by the principles of:
Integrity: CDO will act in a principled and honest fashion.
Legitimacy: CDO will abide by all applicable laws relating to fraud, bribery and corruption.
Timeliness: CDO staff will report suspicions of fraud, bribery or corruption in a timely manner.
Fairness: CDO will investigate allegations of fraud, bribery or corruption in an even-handed way.


This document outlines the policies and procedures established to ensure that Civil Development Organization is recognized as a child safe organization.
Children who come into contact with CDO and its Programs are safeguarded to the maximum extent from child abuse and sexual exploitation.
Everyone associated with CDO must be fully aware of the problem and risks of child abuse and sexual exploitation
All representatives of CDO must demonstrate the highest standards of behavior towards children both in their private and professional lives. They must not abuse the position of trust that comes with being a part of the CDO family. They must do all that they can to prevent, report and respond appropriately to such issues.
The Policy includes mandatory requirements that apply to everyone in all aspects of the CDO International’s work whether in advocacy and campaigns, development programs or humanitarian and emergency responses.


Employees of CDO are obliged to, at all times, comply with all applicable governmental laws and regulations. CDO will not conduct the activities of employees whom they achieve results through violation of the law or unethical business dealings. This includes any payments for illegal acts, indirect contributions, rebates, and bribery. CDO does not permit any activity that fails to stand the closest possible public security. All business conduct should be well above the minimum standards required
By law or donors or standards specified in CDO s internal policies. Accordingly, employees must ensure that their actions cannot be interpreted as being, in any way, in contravention of the laws and regulations governing the CDO’s operations.


Civil Development Organization’s Commitment
Civil Development Organization, its main office and all its sub offices Iraq drop-in centers, community centers, and any other entities controlled by Civil Development Organization adopts a zero tolerance approach to the abuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.
Drug and alcohol abuse has a direct negative impact on the workplace and on the strength of our business as a whole. Employees under the influence of drugs are at a significantly higher risk of being breaching the internal laws of CDO and human rights and threatening the quality and safety of fellow workers and the operation.
The Drug & Alcohol Policies of Civil Development Organization, its main office and all its sub-offices in Iraq, drop-in centers, community centers, and any other entities controlled by Civil Development Organization are established to provide a safe workplace for all Employees and protect the best interests of the organization, its’ beneficiaries and the general public.
All Employees have a shared responsibility for workplace safety and are expected to look out for other Employees, partners, visitors, beneficiaries.


Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) is Particular forms of GBV that have been reported in humanitarian contexts, specifically alleged against humanitarian workers.
Sexual Exploitation: Any actual or attempted abuse of a position of vulnerability, differential power, or trust, for sexual purposes, including, but not limited to, profiting monetarily, socially or politically from the sexual exploitation of another
Sexual Abuse: The actual or threatened physical intrusion of a sexual nature, whether by force or under unequal or coercive conditions.


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