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1.Awareness and Illiteracy Elimination Project:
This project successfully opened (32) literacy courses in (17) villages which belong to “Penjwen” district. Project’s duration was (5) months from 20/1/2002 to 20/6/2002; funded by Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), 538 villagers (men and women) learned to read and right, and also they took lessons in awareness sessions about mine awareness, hygiene, and social awareness. The budget was $32,350. It was implemented in 2002.

2.Legal Awareness and Human Rights Protection Project:
This project was for making trainers of the human right of the staffs of police and security official themselves. (28) Police and security officials attended a TOT course; the duration of the course was for 8 months; 16 subjects were delivered; 310 hours of lecture given in the course. The project funded by Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA). The duration of the project was for (1) year. The total budget of the project was $13,200. It was implemented in 2002.

3.Order- Keepers Group in emergency situation:
During the USA and its alliance’s military attack, CDO prepared and established the “order-keepers groups” for emergencies, which were 30 groups and 350 volunteer members of the democratic organizations-women, young, teachers, labors, a staff of health sector…etc. They were divided into 30 formal headquarters in Sulaimanyah and they had received good knowledge, information and needs to face the emergencies, assist people and protect the government institutions in case of war. The project funded by Christian Aid through IKKN, which was $17,700. It took 2 months, from 16th/Feb/2003 to 17th/April/2003.

4.Handicap right’s in Iraqi constitution:
This project was implemented in coordination between CDO and KURDO and supporting of (IFES- Amman). The main activities were conducting (8) workshops and distributing (3,000) posters in Suly’ Kirkuk, Erbil, and Dahouk governorates. The duration of the project was 1 month from 15th Sep to 15th Oct 2005. The budget of the project was $30,600. It was implemented in 2005.

5.Legal Awareness and Human Right Protection- Second Step:
The first step of this project implemented in 2002-2003; second step implemented in 2005. The first activity was opening short course (Reviewing Course) for the participants of the first step; the course covered these subjects: human rights monitoring, convention of prohibiting torture, the civic role of police and civil society. Each participant conducted (5) workshops for their colugos in their directorates about the subjects which have been given in the course. The budget of the project was $21,000 and funded by Norwegian Peoples Aid (NPA). It was implemented in 2005.

6.Sequences workshop about Iraqi constitution:
This project conducted (13) workshops about the articles of the Iraqi constitution. The project funded by FES and Amman Center for Human Right Studies (ACHRS) and implemented as Shams network in all Iraq. CDO implement a part of the project in Suly, Salah Alden, Dyaila and Dahuok”. The duration of the project was 2 months from 1st Aug to 30th Sep 2005. The budget was $42,000. It implemented in 2005.

7.Constitution Dialogue:
(24) Workshops were conducted for raising awareness about the Iraqi constitution in Darbandixan district. (850) inhabitants benefit from the project. The duration of the project was for 6 weeks from 7th of Sep to 15th of Oct 2005. The project funded by National Democratic Institute (NDI) with the amount of $ 4,350. It implemented in 2005.

8.TOT course for Police and Asaish staffs:
In partnership with the International Human Right Law Institute (IHRL), a TOT training course opened. (10) Officers of Police and Asiash participated in (3) months training course. In the end of the course, they received a recommendation and they become a trainer in human right principles. The budget of the project was $27,800. It implemented in 200

9.CSOs’ advocacy on behalf of local community:
This project linked the capacity building of local civil society organization with advocacy for people’s need by opening (TOT) course, trance course, doing need assessment and conducting an advocating conference. (40) CSOs participated in this project and the project supported by the National Democratic Institute for international affairs (NDI). The duration of the project is 3 months from July to Oct 2007. The project’s budget was $19,945. It was implemented from July to Oct 2007.

10.Distributing Food Rations among Qandil IDP:
The Iranian shelling on Kurdistan border lead to displacing residents of 9 villages; they resettled in the temporary camps built by UNHCR. CDO funded by Asia Cell Company and through Protection Assistance Center (PAC) distributed 400 food rations; ration depending on family size: 5 member’s one full ration; 6 and over: two full rations. Each ration contains 10 items (5 Kilo rice, 3 liters of oil, 1-kilo bean, 1-kilo lentil, 1 kilo, chickpea, 1-kilo tomato paste, 1-kilo grit, 3-kilo sugar, 1/2 kilo tea, and 3/4 kilo salt).

11.Access to Justice project
The project aims to strengthen women rights through train prosecutors, police officers and investigators in Sulaimanyah and Kirkuk provinces on women rights. The trained participants will conduct serious seminars, workshops, and meetings with their colleagues. The project funded by NPA.



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